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Dec 16, 2012 5:00pm PST
let us say amen. >> amen. >> please be seated. >> and let us unite our hearts in prayer, oh god of love and mercy, we come before you this night with broken hearts. we offer you our tears and our pain, our anger and our sorrow. oh, lord, there was a hole so large, we wonder if even you in your greatness can fill it as we grieve and mourn for those who are lost. each light that sits before us is a light that's been lost to our world. so many innocents, so many brave, lord, all we can do is throw ourselves upon your tender mercies, trusting that you hear our prayers. we know those who are lost because they're ours, lord, not names on some list, but our mothers, or sisters, our brothers, or friends, kindred all because if we did not know them ourselves, we know someone who did. and so, we pray, lord for all the souls lost and all the families and friends who are so torn by grief, for in this moment we are all your childr children, a family related by your love. so help us to care for these families in their sorrow and for each other in ours. may they feel the healing embrace of a neig
Dec 17, 2012 5:00pm EST
. reportinglive,tv with abc2 news. >> most of us have been crying since we heard the news on e friday and today was very tough to send your child off to school. it's human nature to worry. here's a mom. >> jamie, it took us all a little longer to let go today and that's because it takes a lot. the schools are required in maryland to have safety plans and we found out all of our local districts are up to date and all on file with the state. friday a's shooting means they'll probably be making changes a foggy morning for drop off in baltimore county but one thought was on every parent's minds, will my child be safe sgl so good-byes were a little longer, hugs a little tighter and security was eight locality -- was a lot more obvious. >> the children asked why there was a police officer here and we said they were here to say hi to everybody. >> here at this school the police and across the district are prepared to do more. . >> we all feel nervous. i wasnervous about children coming to school today too but we have a job to do. >> and for the superintendent, her job now means looking at securi
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2